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TPL Culture Days Debra Alexander_DUOi.jpeg
TPL Culture Days Debra Alexander_DUOi.jpg
TPL Culture Days Debra Alexander_DUOi.jpg


Music Teacher & Songwriting Coach | Song Maven Studio
Songwriter, Composer, & Music Publisher  | Word Maven Music
Singer-Songwriter | Debra Alexander



Music Teacher & Songwriting Coach | Song Maven Studio
Songwriter, Composer, & Music Publisher  | Word Maven Music
Singer-Songwriter | Debra Alexander

song maven studio



Design a course of study that might include any combination of lyric writing, music composition, piano, guitar, and music theory lessons. Learn techniques and strategies for starting, finishing, revising, producing, performing, and promoting your songs. 

 Want your songs to command attention, no matter who is performing them?

 Want to make great strides with your music / lyrics in a short amount of time? 

 Want to learn strategies for setting your melodies to music, finding alternate chords, etc?


Visit Song Maven Studio


Accumulate the hours necessary to expand your skills, develop your working style and voice, and add 10 new lyrics / songs to your catalogue.


 Practice crucial aspects every songwriter should know in order to have complete understanding and command of the craft

› Build your skills in writing 3 major song forms, 3 points of view, 2 voices, moving time frames, different settings, and varied rhyming techniques

› Discover your own unique voice; express your ideas


10 Lyrics in 10 Weeks Online Workshop > 10 Week Series



Determine your strengths and weaknesses, both lyrically and/or musically. Decide which of your songs are strongest, and best represent you as an artist or writer.


 Produce professional Nashville number charts or printed lead sheets that you can use to document your catalogue or sell at your gig.

 Discuss preproduction options and strategies to save you time and money in the studio

  improve your improve your performance and set on stage


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TPL Culture Days Debra Alexander_DUOi.jpeg

Word Maven Music

Word Maven Music



Track 8 from David Leask's new CD Underneath. Written by David Leask & Debra Alexander. Video edit by Mary Ellen Beatty. For more information visit

David Leask performs the song "Ready To Buy" live at the Rose Theatre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada on November 3rd 2008 with Justin Abedin on electric guitar and Marc Rogers on acoustic bass. Ready To Buy was written by David Leask & Debra Alexander. Mixed live on location by Adam Ferri for Orchard Studios and mastered by Dave Vanderploeg at Naturally Digital.



Alison Stuart is the nom de plume (using their middle names) for the composing team of Debra Alexander and James Grant, both award-winning artists and dedicated teachers who have joined forces to compose melodically lyrical and harmonically rich new music specifically geared to middle and high-school bands, string orchestras and recitalists. Their music is available exclusively through Potenza Music Publishers.

A hallmark of Alison Stuart's work is that Jim and Debra will Skype into the band rooms of all the middle school, high school, and college bands that are Official Commissioners of their Potenza Music sponsored commissioning consortia, to rehearse with the bands and receive the direct feedback from the musicians. It's great fun for everyone involved. 

To find out about the latest Alison Stuart commissioning project, find (and like) them on Facebook!

James and Debra also write songs. "Christmas Comes Tomorrow" had its world premier at The Glenridge Performing Arts Center, in Sarasota, Florida with soloist Maria Wirries. Maria also premiered "Cold Enough For Christmas" in concert with Gloria Musicae and members of the Sarasota Orchestra, conducted by Joe Holt.

TPL Culture Days Debra Alexander_DUOi.jpg

Debra Alexander


Jazz-influenced acoustic contemporary folk, featuring open guitar tunings and poetic lyrics.

Hear a sample on Reverbnation.

Debra Alexander


Jazz-influenced acoustic contemporary folk, featuring open guitar tunings and poetic lyrics.

Hear a sample on Reverbnation.

about Debra Alexander

Debra Alexander is the creative director of Word Maven Music, and promotes appreciation and awareness for the art of songwriting in Toronto. As a songwriter, publisher, teacher, coach, and collaborator, she works with wordsmiths and musicians to craft memorable songs through her Song Maven Studio. As a singer-songwriter, Debra has been featured in prestigious songwriting events and venues, including NXNE, Tin Pan North, Winterfolk, Club Passim, The Bluebird, The Cactus Café, and the Free Times Café.

A veteran of the Nashville, New York, Austin, and Toronto music scenes, Debra Alexander registered Word Maven Music with ASCAP in 1996, and SOCAN in 2011. Debra’s songs have won numerous awards, including: The International Songwriting Competition, The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, The Unisong International Songwriting Contest, The Billboard World Songwriting Contest, and The Nashville Songwriters Association International Single Song Showdown. Her songs have enjoyed national radio airplay, appeared on seven CDs, and have been performed by artists such as Suzie Vinnick and David Leask. 

She received a B.A. in Music from Wittenberg University, and completed additional studies in Songwriting, Style Writing, and Recording and Producing at Berklee College of Music. 

Debra Alexander has fostered the progress of songwriters and musicians for over twenty years. In addition to private lessons in piano, guitar, theory and songwriting, she has served as a a regional coordinator for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), a mentor for Toronto's School Alliance of Student Songwriters (SASS), and a workshop facilitator for the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC). Debra has conducted workshops at Metalworks Institute, The Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame, and The University of Toronto. She is a former faculty member of Metalworks Institute and Trebas Institute, in both Music Theory and Songwriting. 



Austin Songwriters Group Barebones Contests

  • 1996 Grand Prize
  • 1996 First Place Barebones Contest I
  • 1996 First Place Contest II
  • 1997 First Place Contest III

Billboard World Songwriting Contest

  • 2005 Honorable Mention

International Songwriting Competition

  • 2013 Finalist Gospel/Christian
  • 2006 Semi-Finalist

John Lennon Songwriting Contests

  • 2010 Runner-Up, John Lennon 70th Anniversary Birthday Contest
  • 2010 Finalist
  • 2006 Honorable Mention, John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2006

Nashville Songwriters Association International

  • 2004 First Place, Single Song Showdown 

Unisong International Songwriting Contest

  • 2005 Honorable Mention
  • 2003 Second Place

USA Songwriting Competition

  • 2012 & 2006 Finalist

What People Say About Debra Alexander

The sensational opening track ‘Something So Sweet’ has you scrambling to confirm your suspicions that it’s a modernized version of an undiscovered gem from the great American songbook. But rather than Cole Porter’s name in the credits, you’ll find it’s a Suzie Vinnick-Debra Alexander original.
— Cam Fuller, The StarPhoenix
I feel blessed to be able to explore with an open and encouraging teacher.
— Robin Megill
I’m telling you, I’ve learned more from you in an hour than I have from my guitar teacher in three weeks.
— Alison Jackson
Thank you so much for all you do…I hope we get to work together again in the near future.
— Kevin J. Collins. Executive Director, Friends of We Care Foundation Inc.
Debra has won practically every songwriting award out there…I can truly say, as one who has been coached by Debra that, in her field, she ranks up there with Elaine [Overholt]! And that is one BIG compliment.
— Heather Ferguson, Toronto
You break it down for me in a way that’s perfect for my style of learning.
— Penny Rubinoff
Well thanks so much!! Your encouragement is invaluable and pushes me forward. I’ve spent most of the week exploring and creating.
— Paul Gallagher
I couldn’t believe how empowered Debra made me feel...Within an hour she was unblocking things that had been blocked since my childhood.
— Jane Brooks
I just wanted to thank you for getting Debra for our workshop yesterday. She was awesome...fantastic one on one work with the students, and she had a complete understanding of the breakdown of what it takes to craft a song. The workshop was a complete success.
— Lanrick Bennett Jr., Education Officer, Canadian Songwriter Hall of Fame